Wolfhound is the Predators commander and also the first general of the renmants of the US army. He appears in Warzone: Iron Wolf. He has a very wide knowledge of his friends and enemies and has given the Predators various hard operations to fullfill, in order to prelude Typhoon's downfall.

Warzone: Iron WolfEdit

Wolfhound is present in all 2033 missions, mostly as voice only. He appears physically in the cutscene of 121 Stories. Wolfhound has a very good tactical insight and knows how to act in calamity. He is one of the few generals who hasn't surrended to Typhoon after the lockdown. He also personally established the Predators and handpicks all operators for his special unit. 

He may have had a history in the Navy SEALs, as most missions he leads are in style of how DEVGRU and the Navy operates. He also has more knowledge of naval warfare than air warfare, besides covert ops.

In the opening scene for 121 Stories, he is surprised to see Charlie "Spike" Thompson's return, implying that the two may have known each other in the past.



  • Wolfhound would be voiced by Peter Weller.

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