Whispers of Wolves
Whispers of Wolves Series Logo
Genre(s) Action RPG
Developer(s) NCS New Haven
Publisher(s) NINE100 Studios
Designer(s) George Alder
Platform(s) Anima, Microsoft Windows
First Release Whispers of Wolves
July 27th, 2016
Latest Release Whispers of Wolves II: Godhunter
December 11th, 2018
Whispers of Wolves is a series of game designed by George Alder, developed by NCS New Haven and published by NINE100 Studios. It is a action RPG series played from a third-person perspective that utilizes melee and magic combat systems, both of which are expansive enough for players to easily specialize. The game is notable for it's vast enemy and boss cast, all of which are designed to be unique in some way. Whilst the games are linear to an extent, the player is able to travel back through completed areas to find missed loot, and there are several large optional areas with extra loot, bosses and more.


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