Warzone Gamemodes
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Number of Gamemodes

24 Gamemodes

Base Gamemodes

Deathmatch (Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Team Juggernaut, Wolfpack, Elimination, Charged, Defcon)
Domination (Domination, Conquest, Frontline, Lockdown, Annex, Reinforce, Strike)
Kill Confirmed (Kill Confirmed, Hunted)
Snatch and Grab (Snatch and Grab, Search and Destroy (Since Shade))
Capture (Hostage, Capture the Flag)
Other (Gun Game, Expert Gun Game, Scavenger, Ordnance Drop)


The Warzone series feature a wide variety from gamemodes. Many gamemodes introduced in Warzone have been featured in many other sequels, while along the way new gamemodes were introduced. 


All gamemodes are new for the franchise, while many are inspired by games as Call of Duty, Battlefield and CounterStrike. No gamemodes were included in the competitive scene, due to the lack of a competitive event hosting. The first Warzone League Championships was introduced in Iron Wolf.

Warzone: AdvancedEdit

Warzone: Advanced was a PS Vita exclusive and thus had the least gamemodes of any Warzone game. It did introduce and new gamemode, Team Juggernaut, which hasn't been featured since. No gamemodes were included in the competitive scene.

Warzone: Iron WolfEdit

Warzone: Iron Wolf was the first game to have an eSports event and thus the first selection of competitive modes. Introduced new gamemodes such as Squad Deathmatch, Elimination, Search and Destroy and Hunted. It also had a new subclass called Barebones and new gamemodes within it. It also had custom PC gamemodes available.

Warzone: ShadeEdit

Warzone: Shade has introduced many new gamemodes and variants to existing gamemodes. Deathmatch returns after his absence in Iron Wolf. Domination has received 3 variants, Lockdown, Annex and Reinforce. First game to introduce AI objectives into the multiplayer.

Warzone: EvolvedEdit

Warzone: Evolved has seperated the gamemodes into 2 classes, the competitive modes and the casual modes. Competitive modes included objective gamemodes, most similar to other entries. Casual gamemodes are gamemodes for fun, where Create-a-Class is disabled.

NOTE: This is speculative content. Subject is to change.



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