Warzone company logo
Developer(s) DECA
Publisher(s) NINE100 Studios
Genre(s) Modern First-Person Shooter
Creator(s) Alec Verdoorn

Xavier Austal

Engine Wartech Engine

Ignition Engine

Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Playstation 3
Xbox 360
Playstation 4

Xbox One
Playstation Vita

First Release Warzone - released WW 7/11/14
Latest Release Warzone: Evolved - released WW ?/?/17
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"Only death sees the end of war."
―Series tagline as seen in the Warzone reveal trailer.[src]
Warzone is a video game series created by DECA. It is modern first-person shooter and a game is released annually. The main studio behind the Warzone series is DECA, which is seperated in 2 sections. Section 1 is creator of the Iron Wolf titles, while section 2 is creator of the Shade titles. 

The release of Warzone: Iron Wolf was a succes, which made it the highest grossing game released by NINE100 Studios, surpassing In Decay II, which was released earlier that year. After the release of Warzone: Shade, the series also became NCS' highest grossing franchise by surpassing In Decay once again and never has lost that status ever since.


The series has two universes, the so called Iron Wolf-universe and the Shade-universe. The original of the Iron Wolf-universe, due the reappearance of notable characters such as Charlie "Spike" Thompson and "Wrecker" Marshall. The Shade-universe is a stand alone universe, first appearing in Warzone: Shade. It features a counter terror unit callsign: Shade, conducting operations in a new and fresh world.




Warzone titles heavily focuses on competitive play which already started with the release of the original Warzone. Since the release of Warzone: Iron Wolf, the series received official eSports placements as well as the start of their own Warzone tournements: Warzone League Championships

Every release after Iron Wolf features more eSports enabled gameplay for average players, besides the professionals. Since Warzone: Evolved, players can qualify for official League Play-offs from home with a new ranking system in multiplayer. That way, everyone can qualify if they are good enough and could then consider stepping into the world of professional gaming.