"This luxurious crib is the safe getaway for notorious warlords."
―In-game description
Game Warzone: Shade
Teams Alpha vs Bravo
Location Cocos Islands, Costa Rica
Codename mp_current
Villa is a moderate sized map in Warzone: Shade.


Villa is set in a group of expensive homes on a pair of small islands of the Cocos Islands archipelago. The buildings have mostly 2 levels, with lots of glass windows and sliding doors. Rooftops grant people who are on it to overlook the rest of the map. Besides the villas are some growhouses present, growing drugs.

Roads are present to traverse the map, as well as shallow waterways to have some additional creative routes. The roads and beach sides are mostly open ground, making players easy targets for snipers. The interiors of houses are lively, granting lot of colors to blend in with and optional cover to take cover behind. Beneath the main villas is a secret tunnel, allowing players to traverse from villa to villa unseen.


  • The plants in the growhouses are flammable and will burn when exposed to explosions or flames.
  • The map's Uplink is Marine Raid. Once activated, a group of zodiacs will circle around the cays and fire machine guns or explosives at the houses, killing everyone who is hit by it. The aftermath of the raid will leave ravaged villas with many walls being destroyed and roofs collapsed, moving the combat to ground level only.
    • Alpha team's zodiacs are labelled with policía, while Bravo team's zodiacs are unaffilated.

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