"A display of customly painted cars proves to be a dangerous environment."
―In-game description
Game Warzone: Shade
Teams Alpha vs Bravo
Location Honolulu, Hawaii
Codename mp_current
Service is a small sized map in Warzone: Shade.


Service is set in a car body shop in the outskirts of Honolulu. The map is fenced off, having only a small area outside the main shop. The inside is full of custom painted cars, vulnurable to explosives and fire. The map is tight with lots of CQB engagements, with the cars providing cover.

Streaks prove to be very deadly, since players are in an explosive environment and always close by. Air streaks deem to be less effective, although some glass roofs undermine the fact players are inside. Outside is like the inside full of cars, both new and old rusted ones. The outside is very usefull for flanking other parts of the shop. The players can also climb ladders to get on the roof, firing through the glass roof on the players inside.


  • All cars, except the rusted ones, are explosive. This makes explosives and heavy weaponry very deadly in the first stages of a match.
  • Each match, every car has a different paint job. The paint job is randomly generated and new paint jobs are added over time.
  • The map's Uplink is Security Hack once activated, the shops alarm and car alarms start roaring and all lights start flashing on and off. This covers players' movement sound and cause havoc to spread to the shop. Because of this, during the hack is the perfect time to assault objectives or flank, since every player is disorientated.

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