"Reserves like this maintain a similar home environment for wildlife while at the same time, allowing visitors to easily observe."
―Map decription
Game Warzone: Shade
Teams Alpha vs Bravo
Location Omaha, Nebraska
Codename mp_reserve
Preservation is a medium-sized mutiplayer map featured in Warzone: Shade.


Set in the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, this map features many points of long ranged combat from the longer sightlines at the ticketing office to the aquarium entrance.

Parts of some exhibits are open and can be moved through to flank several sniping points with also short bits of cover.

The desert exhibit is also accessible on the map's left side and the dune at the top provides excellent watch over two of the corridors. Snipers on either side can be seen if partially up on the hill and likewise, they can hit anyone at the top, provided they use Armor Piercing rounds to penetrate through the exhibit's glass.

On the map's right side is a gift shop that has a lot of cover for players attempting to sneak up on either side, as walls obstruct vision and they can surprise attack. Therefore it is common for sharpshooters to place countermeasures like sentries to kill anyone attempting to approach.

Objectives are hotly contested in this map and deathmatches usually end up in territory style of fighting.


  • The map's Uplink is Lemur Assistant. Upon activation, a lemur will aid the player, albeit indirectly, until it or the player is killed off. It performs a variety of helpful tasks.
    • The lemur will often run off and come back to the player with extra ammo and grenades.
    • The lemur will stick beside the player and screech loudly to alert of a nearby foe.
    • The lemur will run off and go after enemy Ordinance Drops, bringing them back to the player. This rarely happens.
    • Upon death, the lemur will attack the said assailant, whose screen will shake slightly before running away. The previous killer of the player will now be tagged on their minimap until he is killed.

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