"An untrained eye can easily get lost in this metropolitan nexus."
―In-game description
Game Warzone: Shade
Teams Alpha vs Bravo
Location Toronto, Ontario
Codename mp_highway
Overpass is a large-sized multiplayer map featured in Warzone: Shade.


Overpass is set at a symmetrical pair of collapsed four lane highways in downtown Toronto. It is mostly open-aired with little overhead cover except for opened vehicles and the tops of some highways to seek protection from airborne scorestreaks, players can also head underneath the ramped parts and head to a small pass on the other side. The collapsed parts of the roads are sloped and can allow access up for a good vantage point. All points in between the ramps have multiple pieces of strategic cover that can be flanked and closely guarded for protecting strong points or objectives.

Long range combat is preferred on this map, especially at the open areas, but a lot of close combat can occurr too on the lower level. Best advice is a flexible loadout.


  • The map's Uplink is Stryker, upon activation, a pair of IAV Strykers will roll on the uncollapsed parts of the highway and fire its high caliber machine gun. The guns deal high damage and have a high rate of fire, sometimes able to go through thin cover. They will also target airborne scorestreaks and easily destroy them, should any be present. They are imperious to explosives although they can be stunned and disabled for a short time with EMP attacks.


  • This map is notorious for having Ordinance drops falling onto inaccessible sections of the highway.

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