"Amok is guaranteed in this tight marketplace of this Mediterranean city."
―In-game description
Game Warzone: Shade
Teams Alpha vs Bravo
Location Palermo, Sicily
Codename mp_pamarket
Marketplace is a moderate sized map in Warzone: Shade.


Marketplace is set in the piazza market of Palermo, Sicily. Many tight streets form this map, creating many close ranged engagements with a lot of optional cover from market stands. In the centre is an old theatre, granting elevation over the streets below.

Lines of sight are mostly close ranged, with a lot of obstacles creating visual cover for the players. However, most of these stands are easily penetrable. There are flank routes in the buildings, some having elevated watchpoints. These watchpoints can engage with the other combatants on the theatre or down below in the streets. The map has a very fast pace, forcing players to reposition at all times in the streets and covering their backs when in an elevated position.


  • The map's Uplink is Radical Bombings, which causes several planted explosives in market stands to explode. These explosives are randomly decided and up to 7 explosions take place, blocking off paths with fire. The fire and explosion only damages enemy players, killing them in vicinity. This alternates the flow of the map, having some choke points be blocked off and the offensive team to cap and defend objectives more easily.

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