"Stepping inside the basin of these refitting stations is dangerous, at any given time."
―Map Description

 Drydock is a medium-sized multiplayer map featured in Warzone: Shade.

Game Warzone: Shade
Teams Shade vs Separatists
Location Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii
Codename mp_refit


Drydock takes place in a Pearl Harbor docking area including an empty basin as well as an occupied one with an Arleigh Burke class destroyer. Much of the map has open sightlines and cover is limited on the top.

Both basins are accessible by several ramps as well as small corridors leading to choke points and ideal places to set up traps.

The destroyer is accessible via ladders from inside the basin or from gangplanks on the upper levels. A couple of corridors can be used, leading to the communications center and the ship's galley. Both areas have multiple areas for CQC and multiple entrances.


  • The map's unique Uplink is Flooding, where the floodgates to the destroyer will open and begin to fill the basin with seawater. After ten seconds of water rising, players still inside will begin to experience a decline in mobility. Once the waterline is above the player's head if they are standing at the bottom, they will begin to take damage. When the basin is filled to its maximum limit, going inside the water will cause the player to drown.


  • The hull number 93 is visible on the destroyer's bow, the USS Chung-Hoon.

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