"Everyday occurrences of commerce mishaps are common at these secure facilities."
―In-game description
Game Warzone: Shade
Teams Alpha vs Bravo
Location Sand Island, Hawaii
Codename mp_sandisland
Compound is a small sized map in Warzone: Shade.


Compound is set in a shipping dock inside a fenced building on Sand Island. Part of the center has four sealed shipping containers that are moved by a crane. On the outer edges are opened shipping containers that can be climbed on with the aid of smaller pallets and used by open doors.

The majority of combat is mid to long ranged, despite its smaller size, but it also incorproates a lot of oblique lines of sight and quick routes to cut off sharpshooters. There are multiple avenues to quickly ambush and attack from behind. The drastic differences in height and angles of approach make usage of equipment vital in both assaulting and defensive strategies.


  • All four shipping containers will begin stacked in the center two by two. The player can open them and the interior can reveal a wide variety of things.
    • Empty, which can serve as an effective piece of cover as well as being able to traverse through in a bridge fashion whenever it is set atop a span.
    • Bags of ammunition, which will refill any player's ammunition and equipment stock to its maximum for two minutes
    • Containers of toxic gas, which release if shot and will cloud the lower sections of the map with a sickly yellow cloud. This gas will cause continuous damage until the player escapes or dies.
    • Unstable explosives, which are susceptible to causing large explosions equivalent to exploding cars
    • Three armored shields that can be used in conjunction with a secondary weapon. The shields are capable of receiving extremely high amounts of damage before failing. Switching to another weapon will cause the player to drop the shield.
  • The map's Uplink is Crane Controls, allowing the player to start the overhanging crane, which will begin to randomly move crates about as well as bringing in new unopened containers to be opened, dependent on if any crates had been opened already. The crane's clamp can also be shot and when it sustains enough damage, it will instantly drop a container if holding one, which kills any player standing underneath.


  • Crushing a player with a shipping container held by the crane awards the Uplink player with the achievement Meaty Red Stain. Any player that is killed, friend or foe by a dropped container will continue to award the Uplinked player with experience points, although in-game score and kills will be awarded to respective players on their teams.
    • This makes it a rare occasion that a player can be rewarded with the deaths of allies, although purposely performing such an act will cause a betrayal and death for the player as well.

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