"Countless tremors plague the unstable region without pause or pattern."
―Map Description
Game Warzone: Shade
Teams Alpha vs Bravo
Location Denpasar, Indonesia
Codename mp_richter

Aftershock is a medium sized multiplayer map featured in Warzone: Shade.


Aftershock takes place in a devastated section of Denpasar, Indonesia, centering around an avenue that runs beside a set of docks. The map featured multiple points of cover on a sloped three tiered style map.

The lowest point is at the waterline. Players can use this level to quickly traverse to the other side and a sewer pipe runs underneath the map to two staircases that bridge the opposite ends, a hidden tunnel that needs to be watched closely in objective games. Hugging the edge of the walls to the mid level can protect from sharpshooters.


  • Every few minutes, a tremor occurs throughout the map. They can vary in frequency and intensity, sometimes affecting a player's vision and aim. Players on the higher levels may feel more powerful tremors than those lower down.
  • The map's Uplink is Seismic Radar. The player can use it and set off tremors that mirror the varying ones that shake the map. However, enemies that are caught in the tremors can be exposed on the radar.

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