"Fires of combat ensue in the fallen symbol of American power. Dynamic flow of flanking routes and use of security cameras."
―Map description
Warzone: Iron Wolf
Predators vs Typhoon
White House, Washington DC, United States of America
Urban (Indoors)
Type of Combat
Close Quarters
Console Codename (PC)
Campaign Map
The Last Predator

Westwing is a medium-sized map in Warzone: Iron Wolf. It is based off the singleplayer mission The Last Predator.


Westwing is a medium-sized map in total area, but the small hallways let close quarter combat dominate. There are 3 floors and a roof. The map utilises the West Wing and the West colonnade, while the other parts of the White House aren't accessable.

Players using Close Quarter Combat weaponry like Submachine Guns have an advantage in the West Wing itself, while players using Assault Rifles can lay down fire effectively in the colonnade and outside. Snipers can lockdown a roof effectively and fire at the running players down on the ground. Using the grappling hook from the roof enables players to jump into lower floors without having to use the stairs. 

The map is full of debris and there are also parts on fire. The scorched look is taken from the singleplayer level, while also implementing anti-american art displays. This includes vandalized paintings of American presidents, graffiti and corspes of people in American blue coats. They can also be hanging with a rope around their neck.


  • Linking with multiple security points give players the access to watch security cams in the white house to spy on enemies.
  • Certain walls, not marked, can be destroyed to create new paths around the building. 
  • Hung people can be shot down. This can be done by shooting the rope. Standing beneath them and getting the corpse on you, kills you. However, this is almost no use in competitive play.

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