"Battles rage both at the surface and subterranean levels of this Mexican cave. Encounter multiple hazards from crystal shards or poisonous gas."
―Map description
Warzone: Iron Wolf
Predators vs Typhoon
Cueva de los Cristales, Chihuahua, Mexico
Type of Combat
Moderate/Long Range
Console Codename (PC)

Wayward is a large-sized map in Warzone: Iron Wolf.


Wayward is one of the largest maps in-game. Incorporating multiple tiered levels depicting part of the subterranean cave of Cueva de los Cristales in Mexico. Paths in the underground area can lead to opposite ends on the surface as well as rock formations to allow climbing out of holes.

Players at the top level have a high vantage point and can easily lockdown straight pathways through the multiple holes that view the lower levels. However, players down there can easily pick off the sharpshooters taking advantage of this due to the fact that they are exposed.

Down in the caves, there are a lot of longer sightlines and rocks to provide key cover points. The majority of it will be medium or close range combat.


  • Many overhanging crystals can be shot and will shatter under sustained fire. These shards are deadly to anyone exposed in the blast.
  • A sickly greenish gas will fill a few areas from time to time. Entering the clouds will blur vision and eventually cause death. Occasionally, the gas will be emerging from a hole, exposing anyone relatively close by.

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