"Just remember that cold fuel and hot brass don't mix."
―Map description
Warzone: Iron Wolf
Predators vs Typhoon
Typhoon Oil Rig, Arctic Circle
Type of Combat
Medium-Long Range
Console Codename (PC)
Campaign Map
Grieving Wolfpack

Refinery is a small sized map in Warzone: Iron Wolf. It is based on the singleplayer mission Grieving Wolfpack.


Refinery is a multi-leveled map completely over an oil-drilling platform in the Arctic. It remains one of the most competitive medium to long range combat despite its smaller size. The long sightlines over platforms is a shooting gallery for snipers and light machine gunners. Many of the areas have a view on the other side, but no means to cross without traversing the upper or lower levels first.

In the map's center, the rig's control interior provides a lot of cover points and sniping positions as well, however close quarters seems to be the dominant style in this area. Staying mobile in the tight corners goes a long way, although moving out to the main platform areas can cause CQC specialists to fall prey to snipers.


  • There are more red oil barrels on this map than any other in the game. When they are flaming, they have a tendency to explode under gunfire or whenever a player walks nearby. These make excellent traps, especially when rigged with C4 or Claymores.
  • Several larger oil tanks around parts of the map can be destroyed. The flames will cut off areas and obscure vision. Walking through can result in a suicide, although it can be survived if the player moves through quickly or has Blast Shield.

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