"The fight continues in a hellhole that doesn't exist. Struggle to survive this top secure site, that can turn into your own deadly weapon."
―Map description
Warzone: Iron Wolf
Predators vs Typhoon
CIA Blacksite, Classified, United States of America
Type of Combat
Mid Range
Console Codename (PC)
Campaign Map
Legends Never Die

Blacksite is a medium- to large-sized multiplayer map. It is based on the singleplayer mission Legends Never Die.


Blacksite is a two-tiered map consisting of an inside and an outside. Blacksite is one of the most competitive maps for Snatch and Grab and Search and Destroy, as the offensive team spawns inside and the defensive team spawns outside. This requires immediate action by both teams, alongside good strategizing. 

The outside is rather generic, an industrial looking surroundment. The inside however is a network of defense machines, gas pipes and rooms. The combat varies from medium range in the normal areas, but can turn hectic in certain rooms. The map can be set on fire, while the pipelines fuel the fire. The fire creates smoke which can be used to block line of sight.

There's a big dynamic effect, enabling the Automated Takedown achievement. You need to link up with various hard to reach spots on the map. This can be done by standing by it for 30 seconds with one player, 20 seconds with two players or 15 seconds with more than two players. There's a total of five. Linking up with three of the five spots enables the achievement. The effect is activating sentry guns, taking down everyone in sight for 1 minute. There are 10 sentry gun spots.


  • Automated Takedown systems.
  • Damaging gas pipes causes fires. These enlarge over the course of the fight. This also creates smoke.
  • Security cameras available to use, while only 2.
  • Outside door needs a code, which is 1001. This door can be taken down by heavy explosives, like a launcher or C4.


  • Given that Charlie "Spike" Thompson targets and destroys the Blacksite during Death's Veil, the map indicates that it is located in the southern area of the United States, specifically southeast of Amarillo, Texas.

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