"Forged in fire, the close quarters and distant sightlines make the victors tough as the steel once produced here."
―Map Description
Warzone: Iron Wolf
Predators vs Typhoon
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Type of Combat
Mid-Long Range Combat
Console Codename (PC)

Anvil is a medium-sized multiplayer map in Warzone: Iron Wolf.


Anvil is set in a decommissioned steel mill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The two main areas are inside the mill itself and part of a parking lot with a security checkpoint outside.

On the mill's exterior, the parking lot provides sparse cover with a few cars and trucks scattered. Snipers have a vantage point on the mill's catwalk as well as the roof of the security booth. The open area is also excellent for air support and even placing a Sentry gun can cover much of the area. The ends of the parking lot are also traversible with walls for cover and accessing both sides of the mill.

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