Warzone/Task Force 121
Leader(s) Gregory L. Trebon
Appears in Warzone

Warzone: Iron Wolf

Country 22px United Kingdom

22px Australia
22px Canada
22px United States of America

Type Multi-Service Special Operations Force
Engagements World War III
Active 27 Juli, 2003 - present
Nickname The One-Two_One
Motto Nihil difficile nobis (Nothing too hard for us)

Special Joint Task Force 121 is a faction that appears in Warzone and Warzone: Iron Wolf.

Known membersEdit

  • Lt. Charlie "Spike" Thompson - The british field commander of Task Force 121 and main protagonist. Playable in all Task Force 121 missions and an SAS mission in the past. 
  • SFC. "Wrecker" - The american genius and saboteur of Task Force 121. Appears in the most of Task Force 121 missions.
  • MSgt. "Psycho" - The canadian second in command of Task Force 121. Appears in the most of Task Force 121 missions.
  • Sgt. "Maverick" - The australian youngster of Task Force 121. Recently joined the force and appears in the most of the Task Force 121 missions.


Task Force 121 appears in the multiplayer as a playable faction. The multiplayer announcer is Charlie "Spike" Thompson



When Match begins:

  • "Show them what aggression is."
  • "Lock, load and rule the battlezone."
  • "Reach for the record, gentlemans."

When taking the advantage in a match:

  • "We got them where we want them."
  • "We have the lead!"
  • "Expand our advantage, now!"
  • "Finish it now!"

When losing the advantage in a match:

  • "Come on, focus up."
  • "We've lost the lead!"
  • "We lost grip on the situation."
  • "What the hell is wrong with you?! Fight back!"

When a match is won:

  • "That's one for the record."
  • "Dead men tell no tales, good work."
  • "That's how we win a war."
  • "All right mates, we got 'em."

When a match is lost:

  • "What the actual fuck..."
  • "How did those muppets kick our ass?"
  • "This wasn't supposed to happen."
  • "Next time, we clear our names."

When a round is won:

  • "We showed them honor, get ready for the next round."
  • "Rounds over! Get ready for the next one!"

When a round is lost:

  • "You need redemption, get ready for the next rounds."
  • "The round has been lost, redeem yourselves for the next one!"

When a player is kicked:

  • "Bring me that bastard, i'll deal with him."

When a flag is being secured:

  • "Securing alpha/bravo/charlie."
  • "Alpha/bravo/charlie lockdown."

When a flag is being secured by enemy:

  • "Losing alpha/bravo/charlie."
  • "They got alpha/bravo/charlie."

When a bomb is planted:

  • "Site is armed."

When a kill is confirmed/denied:

  • "Kill confirmed/denied."


When an enemy is killed:

  • "Hostile K.I.A."
  • "Target neutralized."
  • "I've got a dead one."
  • "Target down."
  • "He's history."
  • "Right, E.K.I.A."

When an enemy starts firing:

  • "Armed soldier upahead."
  • "Enemy gunfire, get down!"
  • "Shit, get out of the way!"

When throeing a grenade:

  • "Danger close inbound."
  • "Grenade out."
  • "Flash out."
  • "Stun grenade, watch out."
  • "Placed claymore."
  • "Tossing C4!"
  • "Throwing bag of shit." (C4)

When an enemy is knived:

  • "Sleeping time."
  • "Straight up in you."

When the player is downed:

  • "I'm down, damn, i need help!"
  • "Medic!"
  • "Fuck, i'm still bleeding."

When the player breaches a door:

  • "Going in!"
  • "Shoot 'em all."

When the player revives a player:

  • "Your good to go."
  • "I got you, don't worry."
  • "Just a few scratches, get up."

When the player is revived:

  • "I owe you, big time."
  • "I won't forget this."


Track #

Track name

Track 01 Victory Theme 175px

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