Warzone/Task Force: BLACKJACK
Appears in Warzone: Iron Wolf II
Country 22px United States
Type Joint Special Operations Task Force
Engagements Territorial War
Active Between 2033 and 2036
Nickname Blackjack

Task Force: BLACKJACK, commonly referred as Blackjack, is a American JSOC Task Force, formed sometime after 2033. The Force exists of members of Delta Force, DEVGRU, CIA SAD, US Army Rangers, AFO Predator and possibly Task Force 121. Blackjack is active during the Territorial War.


Blackjack has engaged in an operation the unit is named after: Operation: Blackjack. JSOC lead the operation and there were a total of 85 operators active during the operation. They were tasked to secure a military occupied hospital and hotel in order to make the area safe for civilians in a war thorn country.

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