War Cover Art
Developer(s) Crystal Perfection
Publisher(s) NINE100 Studios
Designer(s) Johnathan A. Reid (Head Developer)
George Alder (Marketing)
Engine Hard Point Engine
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter
Mode(s) Single Player
Series War Series
Platform(s) Anima, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Next, PlayStation 5, Windows
"War Never Changes"
―Official Tagline

War is an upcoming first-person shooter video game in development by Crystal Perfection for 9th generation consoles.  


An official site was launched on March 4, the website currently shows a teaser image for the game.  In regards to the singleplayer campaign, Johnathan A. Reid said; "Things that are atmospheric or seem insignificant will be very important to the outcome of the story, sub-missions divert the ending of a particular mission effectively changing the story"

War will run at 60 frames person second with a resolution of 1080 on the Xbox Next and Playstation 5 with 4K resolution on the Anima. Instead of a scaled down version on the Xbox One and Playstation, a standalone sub-series designed to supplement War as well as acting as it's own game will be released.



Spanning over the course of history, War consists of seven interwoven stories exploring how the action of certain individuals in the past can affect the present and future.


Multiplayer in War takes place in the year 2037 and focuses on wide scale battles and tactical engagements utilizing a mixture of infantry and vehicle combat, with 64 players on each side complementing the large scope of the game the action is always thick and fast. Players can co-operate with their Squad Members to access unreachable places through the use of leg ups and pull ups, alongside this Squad Members can give each other ammunition, swap compatible weapons and utilize tactical callouts. Extra experience points and faster objective acquisition alongside other rewards are granted to Squad Members who stick together

Players can choose to play as one of four classes per Soldier, each class has three distinct but similar Combat Roles which the player can freely choose from during a game.

Realism and immersion is injected into multiplayer matches through Dynamism and Brutality, players behave in a realistic manner to the events around them. They make remarks when witnessing something traumatic, buckle near explosions, flinch out of fear and more. Alongside this players can interact with the world around them, players can turn working electronic objects on and off, remove curtains and kick down doors.

Weapons and AttachmentsEdit

Weapons Edit

The weapons in War feature a variant system which require the base variant to be unlocked first, each variant of a base weapon has different statistics and roles to fill. Weapon Skins allow for a plethora of weapons without effecting weapon balance, the only advantage gained when using a weapon skin is a different iron sight.


Attachment Skins allow for different cosmetic enhancements for a player to add to their weapon, this includes a variety of Reflex Sights and other attachments. Most of the attachment skins are weapon and faction specific but can be unlocked to be used on other weapons.

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