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"I worry more about my life than that fucking missile!"
―Saint to Prophet while under heavy fire from hostiles
Walking through Caracas
Deuce witnissing the flood coming their way
Previous level The Line
Next level Legends Never Die
Game Warzone: Iron Wolf
Character Calvin "Saint" Silex
Team Predators
Weapons Mk14 scoped

M4A1 Dual sight

Enemy weapons AK-47 various attachments

FAMAS w/various attachments PP-2000 various attachments
Glock 31
.44 Magnum

Place Caracas, Venezuela
Date March 2nd 2033 - 04:11:32 PM
Objective • Secure José

• Hold position until assist is there
• Cut through the market
• Reach the missile's location
• Run for your life

Enemies Venezuelan Army

Walking through Caracas is the first revealed mission of Warzone: Iron Wolf and is set in 2033 part of the campaign. It features main protagonist Calvin "Saint" Silex anf the rest of the Predators as they try to find a missile in Typhoon influenced Caracas.


The level starts with multiple soldier holding milita members hostage while the chief arrives. After saying that the members helped the Americans, they are ready to be executed while Prophet fires and kills the chief. Saint opens fire at the others and they make there way down to José and secure him. After refusing to tell them the missile's location, Saint punches José in the face. José changes his mind and tells it, but is killed before he revealed the location. 

Saint and Prophet try to fend off all incoming soldiers while Cardinal, Seraph, Deuce and Cerberus make it to their position. After regrouping, they make their way to an old house. The team contacs with Wolfhound, the leader of the operation. After giving the route through the market, the teams is under heavy fire again. After taking out all enemies, they are out of battlespace, so they put on their metascreen to saty hidden.

They split up and Deuce teams up with Saint and goes down the road. After seeing a convoy, Saint decides to let them pass and they stay idden. The next convoy unfortunatly splits up and they have to take them out. After stabbing and shooting the group of soldiers, Wolfhound appears on the radio, saying that there are multiple rigged explosives in their area. Unaware of the blast radius, the bombs are detonated near the presumed location of the missile, breaking a what looks like a natural dam and creating a massive flood coming Saint's way. They run for their lifes, but are hit by the flood. Deuce manages to climb on a block, out of the flood, but Saint s still dragged by it. After going under again, he's knocked out by a car, leaving the mission in a cliffhanger. 


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  • Buenos Dias (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Complete Walking Through Caracas on any difficulty
  • Predator in the Water (25 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) -  Don't take any wrong turns during the baot escape
  • New Group, New Game (45 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy silver) - Complete MemoriesThe Line and Walking through Caracas on Veteran



  • The mission contains the Venezuelan Army as the enemy faction, so the main antagonist's faction Typhoon is not present at all in the mission.
    • This is the only mission where Typhoon members don't make a visual appearance at all, since the only Typhoon member is heard only.

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