Virus is a small-sized map featured in Warzone: Evolved.


Virus takes place in an bioweapon experiment facility. The map features tight corridors inside the buidling, with some more open ground outside. It has a very rural atmosphere, as alarms roar and corpses are spreaded everywhere. Inside certain cells are also humans that were experimented on, who are still alive and moaning. Close quarter combat and rushing dominate in this map, while some proficienced users of long range weapons can set up nice spots to take down foes. Air scorestreaks proof to struggle in the maps, while ground scorestreaks thrive due to the small size and tight corridors inside. However, the contamiantion streak can amplify the effectiveness of the air streaks.

Map ExclusivesEdit

  • During the course of the match, the tactical streak Contamination is activated. A source of the bioweapon is unleashed inside the building. Players have to escape the building or will die from the gas. However, the humans inside the cells are set free due to the malfunction and can attack the players in progress. The player need to perform a takedown on them to set themselves free or die by the gas or the human.


  • The humans once they escape their cells are programmed after zombie AI, present in the game's code. 

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