The Venezuelan Army is an enemy faction existing of venezuelan soldiers, working under Typhoon's flag. They appear in Warzone: Iron Wolf. The army is lead by Typoon Command, who was one of Parker's finest agents. They only appear in the mission Walking through Caracas


The Venezuelan Amry is established in 1810 and one of the strongest military force in Latin America. Since Venezuela is a major supplier of oil, Typhoon got interrested in Venezuela as an ally after they took control of the United States, becoming the number one ruler of the world. Venezuela accepted the offer very quick and became a federal state under Typhoon's influence, like many Latin American countries. The amry got under Typhoon's influence and the new general was a Typhoon commander.

During the SIlent War, a Typhoon experiment, which consisted of a new sort of plane dropping a missile with high speed on earth, went wrong and hit in Caracas, where the crashsite was dubbed Black Zone. The test was carried out to replace an "outdated weapon". The failure was kept silent, until the Predators secured the factory where it was produced and entered Caracas in search of the missile. The army was forced to demolish the Black Zone and many soldiers were killed due the flood or explsoion.


Assault RiflesEdit

Submachine gunsEdit

Sniper RifleEdit


Machine pistolsEdit


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