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Sergeant Blair Velasco is a Shade operative and the second in command of Kilo.

Background Edit

Velasco was previously a cybercrime expert and turned down a career in the NSA to follow her parent's wishes in learning the ropes in law enforcement.

She served in the Pittsburgh police department with specialism in software, which was used notably to crack multiple sophisticated digital cases throughout the span of her career.

Sometime after this before 2018, she had joined Shade.

Personality and Traits Edit

Velasco is shown to be calm and collective, fully obedient of her superiors, but also inputting her own opinion.

Upon Hilsher's absence in Gaia, she is shown to have excellent leadership abilities, navigating herself, Dalton and Lani though multiple patrols of hostile MHL, a feat in which she seemed to impress herself on. Velasco carries a SCAR-L with an EOTech Sight as a favored weapon.

She is shown to be deathly afraid of deadly gases, shown in Precious Cargo. This fear appears to stem from a memory of a carbon monoxide breakout.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • More of Velasco's background can be found on the intel file in Cloak of Darkness.
  • Velaco is modeled and voiced by Justis Bolding.

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