Start of a MatchEdit

  • "Make them suffer."
  • "Shoot to kill."
  • "Bring the fight to them."
  • "Let 'em have it."
  • "Clock in and get to work."
  • "Strike Team, time to move in."


  • "Capture the objectives."
  • "Defend the objectives."
  • "Destroy the objectives."

End of a MatchEdit


  • "Good work out there."
  • "First one's on me. Nice job."
  • "Sagitarrio will be pleased with your victory!"
  • "Mission complete. Rendezvous for extraction."
  • "Victory is ours!"
  • "Good work. On to the next op."


  • "We failed! Fall back to extraction!"
  • "Defeated! This can't happen again!"
  • "Sagitarrio willl be displeased to hear your failure!"
  • "This is an unacceptable effort!"
  • "Get back to base. We will get them next time."
  • "Mission failed! Rethink for revenge!"


Round VictoryEdit

  • "We've got this round. Stay focused on the next one!"
  • "This round is a win. Keep fighting for a Typhoon victory."

Round DefeatEdit

  • "We've lost the round. Change our strategy for the next one!"
  • "We lost the round but it's not over yet. Prepare for the next one!"


  • "Keep pressing the fight!"
  • "We're nearly there! Finish it!"
  • "Finish them off!"
  • "We're winning this fight!"


  • "We're losing here!"
  • "Pick up the pace!"
  • "We can't lose! Fight harder!"
  • "You're all looking bad!"

Player KickedEdit

  • "Get this scum out of my sight!"



  • "UAV is awaiting orders."
  • "UAV standing by."
  • "UAV online."
  • "Our UAV is up."
  • "IED ready."
  • "Your IED is ready to deploy."
  • "Guard Dog awaiting orders."
  • "Yellowjacket ready for launch."
  • "Yellowjacket standing by to throw."
  • "Friendly Yellowjacket out."
  • "Yellowjacket in the air."
  • "Assault Helo ready."
  • "Assault Helo awaiting your go."
  • "Be advised, friendly Assault Helo inbound."
  • "Assault Helo entering airspace."
  • "Sentry Grenadier on standby."
  • "Maniac ready."
  • "Your Maniac is ready."
  • "We have a Maniac."
  • "Friendly Maniac inbound."
  • "Satellite Recon standing by."
  • "Satellite Recon awaiting orders."
  • "Friendly Satellite Recon is online."
  • "We have eyes from above."
  • "Demolitionist is ready."
  • "Demolitionist is in the area."
  • "Damage Booster ready for injection."
  • "The Damage Booster is now ready."
  • "Gunship on standby."
  • "Gunship awaiting your go."
  • "Friendly Gunship in the airspace."
  • "Friendly Gunship attacking."
  • "Juggernaut ready."
  • "Juggernaut suit ready for delivery."
  • "Juggernaut operator in AO."
  • "Friendly has Juggernaut armor."
  • "Iron Wolf Striker ready."
  • "The Iron Wolf Striker is in position."
  • "Iron Wolf Striker is online."
  • "Iron Wolf Striker calling down thunder. Watch your AO."
  • "Care Package awaiting your mark."
  • "Care Package standing by."
  • "Care Package ready. Mark DZ."
  • "Friendly Care Package incoming."
  • "Care Package en route."
  • "Counter-UAV on standby."
  • "Counter-UAV ready to jam radar."
  • "Our Counter-UAV is up."
  • "Counter-UAV jammer is live."
  • "Sentry Gun ready."
  • "Your Sentry Gun is ready to deploy."
  • "Resupply Crate ready to deploy."
  • "Ballistic Vests ready to deploy."
  • "We have Ballistic Vests available."
  • "Enhancement Crate ready."
  • "Enhancement Crate available."
  • "Hornet awaiting orders."
  • "Hornet on standby."
  • "Friendly Airspace Clearance inbound."
  • "Friendly Hornet clearing the skies."
  • "Recon Drone ready for launch."
  • "Your Recon Drone is ready."
  • "Suppression Drone ready."
  • "Friendly Suppression Drone in the air."
  • "EMP ready for detonation."
  • "EMP Blast awaiting your mark."
  • "Defender ready to watch your six."
  • "Be advised, Defender is ready."
  • "Recon Juggernaut prepped for delivery."
  • "Recon Juggernaut armor is ready."
  • "Be advised, Typhoon Recon Juggernaut is in the AO."
  • "Iron Wolf Support ready."
  • "Iron Wolf Support is now awaiting your go."
  • "Friendly Iron Wolf Support in the area."



  • "Throwing frag!"
  • "Frag out!"
  • "Frag!"
  • "Semtex out!"
  • "Tossing sticky."
  • "Sticky grenade out."
  • "Planting claymore."
  • "Throwing explosive."
  • "Planting C4."
  • "Flashbang out."
  • "Throwing stun."
  • "Concussion out."
  • "Setting Trophy."
  • "Trophy online."
  • "EMP out!"
  • "Throwing smoke!"
  • "Casting smokescreen!"
  • "Smoke out!"
  • "Tac online!"
  • "Scanning!"
  • "Flare out!"
  • "Throwing a flare!"


  • "Changing mags!"
  • "Cover me. Reloading."
  • "I'm reloading!"
  • "Shifting mags."
  • "Resupply."

Enemy DownEdit

  • "Tango neutralized."
  • "Enemy neutralized."
  • "He's down."
  • "Enemy KIA."
  • "Hostile dead."

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