Typhoon is a radical group established as one of the major players in the Silent War. They appear in Warzone: Iron Wolf as the main antagonist. They are designated as a terror organization by the crippled United States government and the ruling European body as well. They are also a playable multiplayer faction where they will face the Predators.


The background and formation of Typhoon are shrouded in mystery. However, they are shown to have an intensive loyalty to the leader: Sagitarrio. Established sometime after World War III, they vowed the topple of the United States for reasons unknown. They are well funded by several groups that share their ideals, being supplied with well-trained operatives and high-tech equipment. Typhoon's vast amount of rescources allow their operations to be worldwide. In addition, their militia ranges from local triggerman to battle-hardened mercenaries.

Military ArmEdit

Typhoon has a very large military section, big enough to challenge the armies of the United States and their allies. Many of its militia come from former special forces units worldwide.

Typhoon has also earned alliances from multiple countries such as Venezuela. The Typhoon Supreme Commander is in charge of all the organization's military ops.


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Assault RiflesEdit

Submachine gunsEdit


Light Machine GunsEdit

Sniper RiflesEdit


Machine PistolsEdit



  • In the campaign, Typhoon mercenaries appear to be Latin American or West Asian in race.
    • In multiplayer, they are a larger mix of American, British, Canadian, Australian and South African soldiers.

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