"My father always told me how a great soldier was forged through his experiences, squadmates, and most importantly, his morals. I took that advice to heart when I joined up with Lykan Squadron in 2067. I sure as hell was gonna need it for what would come afterwards."
―Holland in the Season 1 trailer

Private Tyler Holland is a protagonist and the main character of the television series, Bodycount. He is portrayed by Scott Eastwood.


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File: Tyler Holland
Birth date August 15, 2036 in Seattle, Washington
Gender Male
Hair color Dirty blond
Eye color Blue
Race/ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American
Blood type A+
Occupation Soldier
Relatives Stephen Holland (father)

Melissa Holland (mother)
Archer Holland (older brother)
Jennifer Holland (younger sister)
Cassandra Baker-Holland (wife)

Age 32 years of age
Status Alive
Affiliation(s) United States Marine Corps.

Tyler Holland was born on August 15, 2036 in Seattle, Washington. His father was also a soldier, most notably serving with the Sentinel Task Force with the previous incarnation of Atlas Corporation. Due to this fact, Holland and his family were rather wealthy. Holland grew up very privileged and did not know much danger until later in his life.

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