This is the transcript for the Gamescom 2014 Gameplay Demo trailer for The Purge: Animals.


(The screen shows Owen Hardy, Isabel Pine and Brad Newman approaching a camp-like area with numerous thugs hanging around.)

Owen Hardy: Hold back, there's less chance of them finding just one person.

(Owen sneaks around the side of a van, and equips a small switchblade. Owen knocks on the van to bring around an enemy from around the corner, and Owen grabs him and kills him, although this breaks the switchblade. He then searches the dead enemy and finds some alcohol. Taking off his backpack, Owen crafts a Molotov cocktail out of the bottle of alcohol and some cloth. He then grabs a rock and throws it in the hope of drawing numerous enemies together. He succeeds, and then sets the Molotov alight and throws it, killing numerous enemies. After this, an enemy who discovered his position without the player knowing grabs Owen starts choking him. While this is happening Brad runs out and punches the enemy, before smashing his head into the van. This spurs a small number of enemies to reach Owen and Brad's position, who are both unarmed. While the enemies are focused on the two, Isabel stoves one of their head's in with a brick, and Owen and Brad engage the surprised remaining enemies with hand-to hand combat, winning.)

Owen: Next time listen to what I say and hang back.

Isabel Pine: You know what, shut the fuck up. How about some sort of "Thanks for keeping my dumb ass alive, guys.

Owen: You need to shut the hell up, because none of us are gonna survive if we start sticking to what we decide on.

Brad Newman: I haven't survived all this time by sticking to a fool-proof plan, you need to learn to improvise or we'll all end dead.

Isabel: What are you gonna do next time when your tactics fail, huh? Wait for us to save you and then complain that we did?

Owen: ...we're moving.


(The above music begins playing in game.)

Isabel: Oh god, no.

(The scene cuts to The Purge: Animals' logo with the music continuing to play. At 0:30, the screen and logo cuts out.)

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