Character Creation

Player-generated female Potenguard

Character Creator 
is a feature in The Long Roadallowing the player to create a unique character from the ground. 

The player is given a character upon starting the game, they can then choose their character's race, gender, appearance and name. This process is entirely based on the aesthetic aspect of character creation unlike character classes, players can edit facial and physical features in much greater detail or can choose a much simpler process which selects a random preset for the player.

Once players have completed customizing their character's appearance, they have to choose a class.

Customisation OptionsEdit

  • Race: "Select one of three races from across the Verse" (Homo Rector, 
  • Gender: "Select your gender"  (Male or Female)
  • Appearance - "Players can customize a variety of aesthetic features" (Facial Structure, Body Strcuture, Skin Tone, Hair and Facial Hair)

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