BioForge is the trade name for bryonophen, an agent chemically synthesized with stem-cells primarily developed for the United Nations Conglomerate and Dreydus. The drug, once introduced into the body allows for a variety of genetic mutation and modifications granting the user special abilities. Illegal  for civilian use under Galactic Law and banned during Gauntlet matches, it is still used by Dead Drift and Bio Junkies.

Players can only use one formulation at a time. 

BioForge FormulationEdit

BioForge RedEdit

BioForge Red commonly known as "Reds" modifty and enhance the users strength. Formulations are injected directly into the bloodstream through a autoinjector.

  • Rampant Red - "Unleash you inner beast with Rampant Red, enhance your melee strength for that lethal one-two punch"

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