Armor is equipment designed to protect the player from damage as well as granting the player unique abilities. Armor can be bought, found and stolen, players can mix different armor pieces or equip complete suits.



  • UNC Standard Issue
  • Dreydus Advanced Combat Helmet
  • Normadic Drift
  • Juggernaught EOD
  • Nightwatch Enforcer
  • Dreydus Hazop
  • UNC Navigator
  • Deadeye
  • Dustwalker
  • Dead Knight
  • Dreydus Wetwork
  • ERO Black Mamba

Chest Piece

  • UNC Chest Plate
  • Dreydus Advanced Combat Plate
  • Juggernaut EOD Blast Suppressant
  • Nightwatch Enforcement Plate
  • Dead Mail
  • UNC Dragon Skin

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