Deuce: "I spy something really interesting."
Seraph: "What, the missile?"
Deuce: "Nope, that fried banana he's making over there. I'm starving."
— Deuce and Seraph overlooking the OVERGROW missile facility
The Line
Previous level Sagitarrio
Next level Walking through Caracas
Game Warzone: Iron Wolf
Character Calvin "Saint" Silex
Team Predators
Weapons SIG Sauer MPX w/grip & reflex sight

KSG w/laser sight & select ammo

Enemy weapons AK-12 w/various attachments

SAR 21 w/various attachments Mini-Uzi w/various attachments AK-74U w/various attachments PP-2000w/various attachments



Place OVERGROW facility, Somewhere in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil
Date March 2nd - 03:14:54 AM
Objective Secure the OVERGROW facility
Enemies Typhoon

The Line is the third mission in Warzone: Iron Wolf. It features Calvin "Saint" Silex and the Predator team on a mission to investigate and sabotage a hidden Typhoon missile facility codenamed: OVERGROW.


Main article: The Line/transcript


  • The Jungle (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Complete the Line on any difficulty
  • Born to Fight (30 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy silver) - Don't die when playign on Veteran
  • New Group, New Game (45 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy silver) - Complete MemoriesThe Line and Walking through Caracas on Veteran


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