"We will fight until the last predator is standing."
―Saint to his fellow Predators.
The Last Predator
Previous level Skyrise
Next level N/A
Game Warzone: Iron Wolf
Character Calvin "Saint" Silex

Charlie "Spike" Thompson

Team Predators
Weapons Saint: MP5 w/ Dual mags, Caracal

Spike: USP.45

Enemy weapons FN F2000 Tactical w/ various attachments

SAR 21 w/ various attachments
AK-12 w/ various attachments
FN P90 w/ various attachments
UMP.45 w/ various attachments
MG4 w/ various attachments
Ultimax 100
4 Gauge Shotgun
.44 Magnum

Place Washington D.C., United Sates
Date March 14th, 2033 - 06:31:42 AM
Enemies Typhoon

 The Last Predator is the thirteenth and final mission in Warzone: Iron Wolf and the ninth and final one in the 2033 timeline. It features both Saint and Spike alongside the other Predators confronting Parker in a post apocalyptic Washington DC, where Parker unleashed his fury for 10 years.


Main article: The Last Predator/transcript


  • A Predator's War - Complete the Last Predator on any difficulty
  • The Spice of Death - Kill at least one enemy with every available weapon in the mission
  • Is Never Over - Complete Skyrise and The Last Predator on Veteran difficulty
  • You've earned your place - Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty

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