The Hunted
Developer(s) Code Red Entertainment
Publisher(s) Code Red Entertainment
Designer(s) Brandon Lee
Engine Dream 1.0
Released Early 2016
Genre(s) Open-world, sandbox, action/adventure
Mode(s) Singleplayer
Ratings ESRB: M

PEGI: 18

Platform(s) PC

Xbox One

Media Optical Disc

Digital Download

Input methods Controller

Keyboard and Mouse

"Life is a jungle. It's kill or be killed, you got that?! It's not a [fucking] game. These guys are top notch assassins who want us dead and are going to see that through! Maybe if it got through your thick [fucking] skull you would understand that."
John Marcello, the protagonist of the game, in the reveal trailer

The Hunted is an upcoming open-world, sandbox game developed and published by Code Red Entertainment. It marks the debut of Code Red's first game developed solely by itself.

The game was received very well by critics and the community, who cited the immersive story and likable characters as reasons why the game was enjoyable. Despite the fact that some critics mentioned that the game's idea was already previously done by developers many times, the game in itself was a very fun, enjoyable experience to play and fool around with.

Reveal TrailerEdit

Shortly after the release of Judgment Call, which was co-developed by Code Red Entertainment with ZK Studios, The Hunted was announced by Code Red. They didn't release the game's name then, but described it as an "open-world game where the player assumes the role of a former heist-pulling criminal who must revisit his old life in order to solve the problem that he encounters in the game."

The trailer was released at some point afterward, first as a video online. The trailer was also used for a commercial to support the game, though the original swearing from the character dialogue was removed.

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