A timeline of events in The Heist. The events depicted from beginning to end, start on March 13 and end on an unspecified date.

Year UnspecifiedEdit

March 13Edit

  • 8:44 AM - Travis Shay enters the Java Hut, gets into a brief physical confrontation with another patron. Leaves the store quickly afterwards.
  • 8:51 AM - Charlotte Lynch enters the Java Hut approximately six minutes after Shay's fight, she witnesses the aftermath. Lynch talks about doing something to make her claims valid.
  • 9:00 AM - Travis Shay starts work in the office, he shares the incident with his friend and Colleague, Isaac. Shay's conversation is interrupted by his aggravated boss, Travis' behavior from a previous incident gets him a day off from work.
  • Unspecified Time - Travis Shay is fined by the police for the assault in Java Hut. 
  • 6:37 PM - Alex McCarthy enters Habeeb-Mart and shoplifts whatever he can grab, he attempts an armed robbery but fails and leaves before the police arrive.
  • 7:02 - Kazuo Sakata finishes work on his Silvia S15, he receives a phone call from his sister residing overseas just moments later. Shizuka tells him something about their family. 
  • 7:19 - Jamal Danson is hunted by a minor local gang for a debt he hadn't paid, he attempts to seek shelter in Habeeb-Mart but is quickly found by the gang. A confrontation between Jamal and the gang occurs before his quick thinking saves him. 
  • 8:12 PM - Travis Shay enters The Gaping Beaver to get his head off the situation he is in and speaks with the bartender.
    • 8:19 PM - Jamal enters the same bar and sits right next to Travis/
  • 11:27 PM - Bryan Matthew Bedard is in the drivers seat of his car when a gun goes off next to him fired by his friend, Tommy. In an effort to save the person in the backseat, Frankie, Bryan rushes to Marvin's house, Marvin's girlfriend attempts to save Frankie's but fails. 

March 14Edit

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