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Tank Commnader
Developer(s) IDI Central
Panzer Vor
Publisher(s) IDI Publishing
Designer(s) Ethan Sumner
Engine UEE Mk.I
Released January 14 th, 2016 (WW)
Mode(s) Single-player, multi-player
Media Optical disc, digital download
Input methods Gamepad, keyboard & mouse

 Tank Commander (codenamed Project Wolfhound during production) is an upcoming mechanized vehicle, MMO combat simulator game to be developed by IDI Central and Panzer Vor and published by IDI Publishing for the PlayStation 4, Wii U, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox One, and the Fusion. The game is centered on the use of armored fighting vehicles. The game is slated for a January 14th, 2016 release date to coincide with the launch of the IDI Fusion. Not much else is known.

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