The TDI Kard is a machine pistol featured in Warzone: Iron Wolf and a semi-automatic handgun in Fog of War: Insurrection

Warzone: Iron WolfEdit

The TDI Kard appears in all three gamemodes.


The TDI Kard is only found in one level, Memories, as the starting sidearm.


"Quick to pull out and dispatch a surprise attacker, the TDI Kard is a handy sidearm acting as a combination of the machine pistol fire rate and the punch of a high caliber handgun. Pop it out and peg your target."
―In-game description
TDI Kard


Magazine Size

15 rounds (20 with Extended Clip)

Unlocked at

level 41

Cost (Nazi Zombies)

950 points (Mystery Box)

Starting Ammunition

30 rounds

Maximum Ammunition

105 rounds

Reload Time

1.2 seconds (1.5 unloaded)

Rate of Fire

922 RPM



Fire Mode


Used by

Calvin "Saint" Silex

This is the final machine pistol unlocked at level 41. It is a unique weapon to equip as a secondary due to its hybrid characteristics. Handling is much faster than the other machine pistols, although it does sacrifice damage and a quick fire rate in turn. Reloading is frequent and it is rare to be able to take on multiple enemies in one magazine.

This weapon fits the niche of a sidearm for a marksman to quickly switch and take care a single close range attacker, however it does fill out many other roles and is a close-range backup.

The TDI Kard has two attachments unique to its class, both of them availible only to the handguns.

Weapon AttachmentsEdit

  • Reflex Sight
  • Silencer
  • Laser Sight
  • Extended Clip
  • Grip
  • FMJ Rounds
  • Dual Wield
  • Tactical Knife

Fog of War: InsurrectionEdit

TDI Kard


Magazine Size

18 Rounds

Unlocked at

Level 1 - Private First Class

Starting Ammunition

18 + 54

Reload Time

2.1 Seconds

Rate of Fire

600 Rounds Per Minute


22 Meters


Very Low

Fire Mode


Used by

75th Ranger Regiment

The KARD is a semi-automatic Handgun featured in Fog of War: Insurrection.
"Semi-automatic handgun, minimized recoil."
―Beta Description

Singleplayer Edit

The KARD is used by Ranger Operatives in Mission Zero.

Multiplayer Beta Edit

The KARD is unlocked at level 1 and is not present in any Exo Chassis class. It has the lowest damage out of any handgun but is offset by a high magazine capacity at 18 rounds and very low recoil.

Attachments and Modifications Edit

  • Smart Linked Optic - 55 long-range kills.
  • Super V System - 100 Headshots.
  • Hellfire Trigger - Empty 500 rounds into enemy combatants.
  • Extended Magazines - 200 Kills.

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