The T2 MK5 is an assault rifle featured in Warzone: Shade.

Warzone: ShadeEdit

T2 MK5

55 - 30

Damage Multipliers

1.2x headshot

Magazine Size

Standard: 20 rounds

Extended Clip: 30 rounds

Starting Ammunition

20+100 (SP)

20+60 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

20+140 (SP)

20+100 (MP)

Reload Time

2.3 loaded, 2.88 unloaded

Rate of Fire

695 RPM (Overall)

880 RPM (Per Burst and Automatic)


Moderate - High

Fire Mode

Selective fire (Two round burst and Automatic)

"Selective fire. High damage output with precise shots."
―In-game description
The T2 MK5 is an selective fire carbine.


The T2 MK5 is an uncommon weapon in the campaign. However in some levels, the T2 MK5 can be frequently found used by militia members.


The T2 MK5 is unlocked at level 13. It has a unique feature of an integral switch between a two-round burst fire and a fully automatic modes. This versatility allows it to be among the best suited to multiple ranges. It is the only Assault Rifle not to have the Shotgun or Grenade Launcher.

In its burst mode, the T2 MK5 has noticeably less recoil than the REC7 and the firecap is higher. However, its two round burst will become less effective at even a middle range, where it will begin to require 3 or more killing shots. In close ranges, only 2 are necessary to score a kill, however its slower rate and worse than average hipfire spread make it unreliable.

In fully automatic, the fire rate is sigificantly low, barely above the Abakan's secondary. While it does possess the same damage stats as its burst fire, the low fire rate tends to let down especially in closer quarters, however it is a better option than its burst fire mode. It also does not have very good performance at a distance, especially if your target may have a weapon more suited to that role. In moderate distances, the automatic fire does have an edge especially over SMGs and shotguns, whose performances will falter at such range.

Weapon AttachmentsEdit


  • Select Fire


  • Reflex Sight
  • EOTech Sight
  • ACOG Sight
  • Tracker Sight
  • Hybrid Sight
  • Magnifier Sight
  • Backscatter Sight
  • Long Barrel
  • Suppressor
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Extended Mags
  • Dual Mags
  • AP Rounds
  • Quickdraw Handle
  • Foregrip
  • Collapsible Stock
  • Laser Sight

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