The SMBA-Diary is a Youtube Channel dedicated for Super Multiverse Battle Arena. It contains videos of Developer Streams, Trailers, Infos, and a Super Multiverse Prime Time (which is a live gameplay video and fan-art discussion).

Developer StreamEdit

Developer Stream series features the developer both from Reconsoft Akiba and Reconsoft Hamburg explain and discuss about the current update of the game, some concepts, certain interviews with peoples that related to the franchise that included in the game, and Q&A session which the questions are taken from the community forum, reddit and youtube comments.

List of Devstream Videos:Edit

  • Devstream #1: Dreams Come True! How SMBA Become Reality
  • Devstream #2: First Q&A and Relationship between characters
  • Devstream #3: New Challenger Appears! Welcome to SMBA, Warzone series!
  • Devstream #4: Talk with the Touhou's god! How Touhou characters featured in SMBA
  • Devstream #5: Eve of the Prime Time! Something big is coming up soon...
  • Devstream #6: Playstation 4 Version is up! and we got Troy Baker here!
  • Devstream #7: Gamescom, here we come!
  • Devstream #8: 2M Players special! Voice behind the cute ship-girls of Kancolle
  • Devstream #9: Secret Project? New Map and Gamemode Design
  • Devstream #10: Xbox One and Anima version coming soon!
  • Devstream #11: E3 2020 we go!
  • Devstrean #12: Let's Talk about "Shattered Nexus"!

Super Multiverse Prime TimeEdit

Super Multiverse Prime Time is a series that features the developer doing a gameplay with guests from another company/famous persona. It also features the fan-art showcase that the community made and discuss about it. The Host is Michael Ziegler (Reconsoft Hamburg's Community Manager) and Sayaka Matsuda (Reconsoft Akiba's Community Coordinator)

List of Super Multiverse Prime Time Episodes:


Mostly contain the new update's Trailers and Character's "Introduction" Trailer.

Main Trailers:

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