The Following is the Quotes Lines of Itsuki Alexander in Super Multiverse Battle Arena.

Character SelectionsEdit

When Selected
  • "Alright, Let's kick some ass!"
  • "Vorona Operator at your service!"
When Assigned as the Lead Role
  • "Follow my lead, pals!"
  • "After me, people!"
Introduction "The Name is Itsuki Alexandrov, you can call me Itsuki or Alex if you will. I'm a commander of the Vorona 1st Mechanized Detachement Group and I'm here and ready to kicking some asses or befriend with these people from another universes.... and possible get payed by that creepy giant shadowy guy."

In-Game QuotesEdit

Spawning "Prepare to get wrecked, Other Teams!"
Spawning after connected to Server
  • "Here I come!"
  • "I Saw! I Kill! I Got Payment!"
Kicked from Server
  • "Hah! I might be too powerful for them!"
  • "Really?! I'm trying to have fun here..."
  • "Well.. I lived. Again."
  • "Well that was unfortunate..." (First time to get killed)
  • "Back from the dead, bitches."
  • "Damnit! That guy/girl is too powerful!" (After get killed 10 times)
Quiting from Server
  • "That's it! I'm outta here!" (When Losing too much)
  • "This is boring anyway..." (Neutral, somtimes when the kill streak is higher than other players)

Killing/Beating related quotesEdit

Getting First Kill
  • "Whoohoh!"
  • "Well that's not so bad actually.."
  • "Trigger Finger it Fast!"
Killing an Enemy
  • "Stay Dead!"
  • "You Deserve it, Jackass!"
  • "Tango Down"
  • "Itsuki 1- You 0!"
Being Hit
  • "Ouch!"
  • "*groans"
  • "Damn it!"
  • "*groaning hard*"
Killing 5 Enemies in a Row without dying
  • "D-DDO-DO-DOMINATION!! Is it sounds right? aah screw it!"
  • "*Laughing* I'm very good at this!"
  • "*Maniacally Laugh then clearing throats*" ehm.."
  • "That's what I call Skill, people!"
  • "I'm start to thinking that I've been fighting bunch of newbies"
Killing 10 Enemies in a Row without dying
  • "Try to beat my records, pal!"
  • "Hope those scary shadow guy don't kick be because of my awesomeness!"
Comeback Kill
  • "Yeah That's Right! My Confident is full now!"
  • "I'm back! with more awesomeness!"

Abilities QuotesEdit

Using Spike Grenade
  • "Got Something for you!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "Spike Grenade, I choose you!"
  • "Consider that my hate gift for you!"
Using Warp Drone
  • "Look Alive, Asshole!"
  • "Hey, Think Fast!"
  • "Catch This if you can!"
  • "Got you now!"
Using Time Rift
  • "Time Rift!"
  • "Begone and never comeback!"
  • "Ultra Chrono-Awesomeness!"
  • "Chrono Barada Nikto! that the right word?"


To Friendlies
  • "You guys sucks, really..." (If the player team's score is lower than the enemy)
  • "That was a good kill... from the other team!" (If the player team's score is lower than the enemy)
  • "Next time bring better gear.."
To Enemies
  • "Booo! *laughing*" (If the player team's score is higher than the enemy)
  • "Booo! You guys sucks!" (If the player team's score is higher than the enemy)
  • "My team = win. Your Team = get wrecked!" (If the player team's score is higher than the enemy)
  • "Good job team!"

Character-Related QuotesEdit

Felix VeniciusEdit

  • "You can't thank me later, guy in armor!"
  • "Yeah, we both did it, pal. we both did.."
  • "We kill it but I'll get the credit for it"
Get Assited
  • "Thanks!.. whatever your name is."
  • "Those sword really save my life!"
  • "Don't ever bring sword to a gunfight! Especially the big one."
  • "Die you armored son of a bitch!"
  • "Those shiny metal armor can't deal with my skill doesn't it?!"
  • "Go fiddling with your little magic thing instead dealing with an operator!"
  • "Dominated you knight bastard!"
Revenge Kill
  • "That's for killing me you douchebag!"
  • "Who's laughing now, eh?!"

Frank WillardEdit

  • "The jungle fever must be weaken your aim, huh?"
  • "Don't worry, here's some extra gun for ya!"
  • "I'm not meant to steal your kill anyway"
Get Assited
  • "Fyuh.. thanks for the sweat!"
  • "Well, I owe you one"
  • "You killing exotic dangerous species but you can't kill a human?! What a waste!"
  • "Go back killing that ugly lizard you moron!"
  • "Unfriendly Advice? Bring more fucking ammo, idiot!"
  • "Once killing a badass T-Rex he said... pffftttt---"
Revenge Kill
  • "I hope you stay fucking dead!"
  • "This is just the beginning of your failure to surive!"

Reimu HakureiEdit

Get Assited
  • "Whoa, Whoa! That sorcery attack almost killing me... kinda.."
  • "You want some donations?! There, I donate some of my bullets!"
  • "Exorcism didn't affect sane people, silly girl.."
  • "Go back to your shrine, young lady!"
  • "Stop throwing those gohei! Is not working!"
Revenge Kill


Get Assited
  • "Here some tips: Battleship Turret is not working against small moving target!"
  • "Those turrets on your back isn't really helpful, you know"
  • "I blew a Boat! I blew a Boat!" (NOTE: He saying it while singing in "I'm on a boat" tune.)
  • "Go back and crying to your admiral, you miserable shipbitch!"
  • "You are good at making tea but you are suck on fighting!"
Revenge Kill

Solid SnakeEdit

Get Assited
Revenge Kill

Madoka KanameEdit

Get Assited
Revenge Kill

Ryuuko MatoiEdit

Get Assited
  • "Calm down! Being too edgy doesn't help you to win this fight!"
Revenge Kill

Calvin "Saint" SilexEdit

  • "Consider that free!"
  • "This is Vorona 0-1 assiting the Predator, please tell that I am a badass, over!"
Get Assited
  • "Thanks for covering me!"
  • "Well.. thanks for the assist, operator!"
  • "I guess I owe you one this time"
  • "Your Weapon is laughably outdated compared to mine!"
  • "The Predator is now a prey of Vorona!"
  • "Your unit's name is silly and too pretentious anyway!"
  • "Try to kill me? Think again.."
  • "You're suck for a special forces operator! Oh well most Spec Ops I fought is always like that too.."
  • "Uh.. what's up with your Spec Ops group's motto again? *chuckeld* Nevermind"
Revenge Kill
  • "Your superiority is coming to an end!"
  • "Sleep tight, sweet prince!"
  • "I'm not afraid with you, anymore.."


Get Assited
  • "Get Dominated you old lump!"
  • "Hope you died and get infected with that strange mushroom infection!"
  • "Stop Hiding you post-apocalyptic coward!"
  • "Hey I heard that other zombie-killing guy with machete is better than you!"
Revenge Kill

George AdlerEdit

Get Assited
  • "Hey, you should learn from that other zombie-killing dude how to be better survivor!"
  • "Advise: Machete is not for against guy with a rifle!"
  • "Survivability Rate: Suck ass!"
Revenge Kill

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