"Murray has been reactivated and sent to Colombia to follow up the only lead the agency has on de Wit"
―Mission Description
Strung Out is a the second mission in the Black Operations Expansion Pack.


Three  months later, Secret Agent Jay Murray arranges to meet with the strung-out and narcotized Kamar. After a lengthy car trip, Kamar hands Murray a bag of synthesized Scopolamine, and leaves the car to confront a rival drug dealer with apparent connections to de Wit. Minutes later, Murray is shot at and blindly drives the car into the building’s wall, after he regains his composure, he is surrounded by three armed men. Murray is knocked out after being dragged out of the car. Waking up hours later Murray and Kamar are bound to a chair, and an unknown man asks who he is. Replying with a Slavic accent, Murray gives the man false information, but his cover is blown by Kamar. The man puts a knife against Murray’s balls, but is distracted by Kamar’s crazy antics. Tackling the man to the ground he is shot in the head by Anderson Breach 

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