Support Mechs are the fifth and final category of Mechanized Infantry Unit in the Steel Goliaths franchise, with the exception of Steel Goliaths II which added on the Destroyer category of Mechs. The purpose of Support Mechs is to provide covering fire for all other types of Mechs, especially Heavy and Assault Mechs. As such, Support Mechs are generally seen in the direct fire support, siege, and defensive roles. Support Mechs carry excellent weapon loads and stealth systems, however Support Mechs are a mixed bag in terms of armor, speed, and maneuverability. The top speeds of these Mechs range from 50 kp/h to 100 kp/h, weigh between 60 and 120 tons, and carry wide arrays of weapons and armor. Support Mechs are ordered in fair amounts due to their usefulness when it comes to supporting the other types of Mechs.

The first time Support Mechs appear in the Steel Goliaths universe is in Steel Goliaths. Since the release of the first game, Support Mechs have appeared in every piece of media released for the franchise.

Steel GoliathsEdit

Ten Support Mechs appeared in Steel Goliaths upon the game's release, thought another nine Mechs were cut during the game's development. As of now, plans have been made for more Support Mechs to be added into the game through DLCs.






IRO 70-SEdit

XSS 12bEdit

Model 47(s)Edit



Cut MechsEdit





IRO 171-SEdit

XSS 97vEdit

Model 77(s)Edit



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