Medium Mechs are the second category of Mechanized Infantry Unit in the Steel Goliaths universe. Most of these Mechs are built to support Heavy and Assault Mechs, but are also used as front line Mechs themselves. Medium Mechs can also act like Light Mechs and have been known to replace them in many roles. Medium Mechs usually have top speeds between 70 and 100 kp/h, weigh between 45 and 70 tons, and have light to medium weight armor types that provide adequate protection. Most Medium Mechs have decent top speeds, good firepower, and decent maneuverability. Most militaries maintain large amounts of Medium Mechs in order to have enough to support their Heavy and Assault Mechs.

Medium Mechs made their debut appearance in Steel Goliaths and have been featured in every aspect of the franchise to date.

Steel GoliathsEdit

A total of ten Medium Mechs appeared in the initial release of Steel Goliaths. Before the game's release, seven more Medium Mechs were cut. More Medium Mechs are planned to be added on to the game in future DLCs.






IRO 13-MEdit

XSM 27gEdit

Model 41(m)Edit

Model 53(m)Edit


Cut MechsEdit





XSM 04jEdit

Model 122(m)Edit


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