Light Mechs are the first category of Mechanized Infantry Unit in the Steel Goliaths universe. These Mechs are mainly used for reconnaissance, search-and-destroy, and indirect fire support roles due to their maneuverability, speed, decent firepower, and ease of manufacture. Light Mechs tend to have top speeds over 100 kp/h, weigh between 20 and 45 tons, and have lightweight armor types that are relatively weak. Light Mechs are generally not used all that much as their roles can also be fulfilled by a good amount of Medium Mechs but most militaries maintain decently sized fleets of these Mechs.

Light Mechs first appeared in Steel Goliaths and have appeared in every other game, comic, and film in the franchise since.

Steel GoliathsEdit

In Steel Goliaths, a total of nine Light Mechs appear as a part of the original game. Several other Light Mechs are planned to be released in DLCs. Before the game was released, four other Light Mechs were cut from the game.





IRO 32-LEdit

XSL 56cEdit

Model 16(l)Edit



Cut MechsEdit



XSL 143uEdit


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