Throughout the Steel Goliaths franchise, hundreds of locations are seen, mentioned, and traveled to. Any of the systems in human controlled space are under the jurisdication of either one of the four main factions featured in the series. In the game series, the majority of these locations appear in some form and can be accessed in any of the games' single player and co-op modes through the game's story or by deploying to them in multiplayer.

Steel GoliathsEdit

In Steel Goliaths, a total of 27 planets/celestial bodies appear in the game in 17 systems that are controlled by either of the four main factions. Below is the full list of locations that make an appearance in Steel Goliaths.

Federation SpaceEdit

Sol SystemEdit

Sigma HyperionEdit

Liu XiuEdit



Virgo PalioxisEdit

Coalition SpaceEdit

Miriandynus NebulaEdit

Vela DioscuriEdit

Gamma HyperesEdit

Sawblade NebulaEdit

Crux MyrmidonEdit


Syndicate SpaceEdit

Beta LyraeEdit

Alcyoneus NebulaEdit

Lyra AegimiusEdit

Dominion SpaceEdit

Arcturus ThetaEdit

Calesius CloudEdit

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