lance is the term used to describe a unit in a military's mechanized infantry. Lances generally consist of BattleMechs, but can also expand to use vehicles and ground troops. The size of a lance depends on the role it's assigned, with the smallest being a light reconnaissance lance, which consists of only four light mechs, and the largest being a breakthrough lance with anywhere between twenty-five to thirty heavy, assault, and support mechs. Pilots that are a part of a lance are generally known as lancemates or wingmen, though a slang term amongst other branches of galactic militaries is to call pilots, "bondsmen."


The organization of a lance depends on the role it performs. The configuaration of a lance usually involves a commissioned officer, or a high-ranking non-commissioned officer, as the head of the lance under the codename "Lead," with the next highest ranking lancemate as "1." After that, the rest of the lance goes down in ranking order, starting with "2" and going up based on the size of the lance. Occasionally, lances may have three of four COs. If the lance leader is killed or wounded, lancemate "1" will take command under the codename, "Acting." The highest rank a lance leader can be is Commander while Chief is the lowest rank.

Notable LancesEdit

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