Here is a list of easter eggs found within Steel Goliaths.

Game ReferencesEdit


Health Management SystemEdit

While in some of the game's Mech Bays, you can hear two AI mechanics talking about the game H.A.Z.A.R.D, specifically about the Health Management System. One of the various lines of dialogue are:

Mechanic 1: When I took my break yesterday, I decided to give H.A.Z.A.R.D a go.

Mechanic 2: You still haven't played that game?

Mechanic 1: I have now, anyway, the first thing that happens to me is that a grenade goes off right next to me. Breaks my leg.

Mechanic 2: Damn. That game did have a weird injury system.

Mechanic 1: Yeah, I mean I love how innovative it is, but it's so unfair.

Mechanic 2: Also, it kind of reminds me of another game I played.

Mechanic 1: And what was that.

Mechanic 2: I'll tell you later.

Weapons and VehiclesEdit

Hidden at the back of some of the Mech Bays, the player will find a door in the ground that is completely inaccessible, but it does have glass that can be looked through. Under the ground, there is a substantial number of VCT2 Crion rifles and Q2-0U Mawkin light SMGs scattered around. There are also a pair of gauntlets on a table and three Mastadons. If one gets to the far top right hand corner of the door, the player can catch a glimpse of a Fiend mech from the game.

The Long RoadEdit

Despite being released two years before The Long Road, once screenshots of the game's development were released, IDI, while Steel Goliaths was still in development, added in some items from The Long Road to promote the new game.

Kalastov-K, M7A2, and BioForge SyringesEdit

If the player goes to one of the bases on Mars, he can go to the armory and find the Kalastov-K and the M7A2 on a table with blueprints surrounding them. The Kalastov-K is usable, but the M7A2 is not. Also on the table, the player will see some syringes lying around. These are the BioForge Syringes from the game.

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