"After completing his first mission as an Intelligence Applications Group operative, Agent Jay Murray is sent to Tokyo to capture and interrogate Alec de Wit."
―Mission Description
Spontaneous Combustion
Next level Strung Out
Game Fog of War: Insurrection
Black Operations Expansion Pack
Character Jay Murray
Weapons PPK/S
Place Philadelphia, America (Faulkner's Demise)
Tokyo, Japan (The Hunt for de Wit)
Date February - 2026
Chapters Faulkner's Demise
The Hunt for de Wit
Enemies Faulkner

Spontaneous Combustion is the first campaign mission in the Black Operations Expansion Pack


Faulkner's DemiseEdit

The mission begins with Secret Agent Jay Murray kicking open a door which leads to a rooftop. In the distance he spots Faulkner, an ex CIA agent running across a different rooftop, he sprints in his direction. Timing Faulkner's jump, Murray jumps off the building at the same time in order to negate his escape. Deploying a Life Net to break their fall, but the unexpected combined momentum of Murray and Faulkner force the two into a near-by balcony. The two engage in a brutal fight inside the house, after sold hand-to-hand combat Murray gets the upper hand and slams Faulkner's into the ground. The rotted hardwood floor of the abandoned apartment breaks and the two fall straight through, Murray kills Faulkner with a rear naked choke. After confirming his death and reporting it to headquarters, he is instructed to find any intel on his person. Murray discovers a message on Faulkner's burner phone which is traced back to Alec de Wit, associate and finance of the deceased cyber-terrorist under the handle of Kerk. 

The Hunt for de Wit. Edit

Two days after the death of Faulkner, Murray is sent to Tokyo, Japan where de Wit has a home and was his last known location before he mysteriously disappeared off the grid.  After seducing de Wit’s housekeeper, he reveals that he and his wife are enjoying their last meal at Kozue before the two leave the country. Upon arrival, Murray is informed by Oracle that Rapace, the assassin has a contract to eliminate de Wit. Using facial recognition software, locates him. Murray infiltrates the building that Rapace is using as a vantage point, he sneaks up behind him and shoots him but Rapce's poor trigger discipline discharges the sniper rifle. Murray loses sight of de Wit due to the sniper rifle accidentally discharging. De Wit’s security detail attack Murray, but he dispatches them quickly.

Mission TranscriptEdit

Main article: Spontaneous Combustion/Transcript


  • Secret Agent Jay Murray (Playable)
  • Faulkner (Killed)
  • Rapace (Missing in Action)
  • Alec de Wit
  • Estevez
  • Oracle (Heard Only)

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