Sofia M. Sanders
Sofia Sanders
Birth date June 29, 1983

San Antonio, Texas

Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye colour Brown
Race/ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American
Blood type O-
Occupation Shade Officer
Age 35
Status Alive
Affiliation(s) Shade
Appearances Shade: Eagle Eye
Portrayed by Emmanuelle Vaugier

Officer Sofia M. Sanders is a Shade operative and a member of the Special Projects unit known as the Eagles.

Sanders is one of the main characters in the ABC drama, Shade: Eagle Eye.


Sofia Sanders was born on June 29, 1983 in San Antonio, Texas. Her parents owned and operated a firing range, giving her early proficiency with weapons.

Sometime after graduating high school, she joined the US Navy, qualifying to pilot the F-18/A Super Hornet. She served in multiple tours aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

At some point after leaving the Navy, Sofia would meet her future husband John, who was a co-owner of a software developing business. They married two years later and had a son, Eli. However it is not clear what happened to them, as they would later file for divorce. Sofia would later go into law enforcement and her skills had caught the attention of Commander Nick Tragan, who promptly recruited her to be a member of his special projects unit, serving specifically as its pilot.

Sometime after their divorce, Sofia changed both hers and Eli's surname back to Sanders. She had fought John for Eli's custody and won.


Sanders is shown to be loyal to her friends and unafraid of doing her job.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit



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