Worldwide Coupe d'état





Silent War





Global (Presumed)



Major battles

Attack on Caracas
Landing on the Bahama's
Intervention in Dubai
Assassination attempt in China
Typhoon's downfall

The Silent War, also known as the Second Cold War to some people, is a 10 year lasting war between the United States of America and many other governments against the major influence of Typhoon in the world. This fictional war will be featured in Warzone: Iron Wolf.

The war is called Silent War, due the United States start with their uprising in the world after a massive event took there number one status in the world. The official duration is 10 years, but is also considered to only a few years, because the war never unleashed to any real wars in the world. The comparization with the cold war is taken with a grain of salt, as there were real proxy wars going on in the world, which isn't in the Silent war. That explains the term "silent".


After Russia was defeated and the United States were the victors of World War III, the world began to rebuild itself. Since war stimulates the economy of some countries and deteriorated some others, the NATO came stronger out of the war, but the United States had lost New York due the heavy fights. Nothing was left of the centre and a plan to rebuild it began. It took 3 years, but New York slowly began to retake his number one spot of greatest city in the world. But that was only for a short time.

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